We got our tickets for the 12:30 train to Ancona (over Bologna) and went our separate ways: I wanted to see the Guggenheim museum, and Elaine was going to explore the (original!) Ghetto, the old Jewish quarter, just north of our hotel. On the way to and from the station we got run over by hordes of school children. It was getting time to leave Venice.

We got on the train, 2 hours to Bologna, wait an hour for a delayed train, and 2 more hours to Ancona. Guess which of these trains is ours. Hint: not the sexy high-speed one. But it was comfortable all the same.

A bus back and forth took us to the ticket office, then to the boat. There were not many people on the boat, the waiter was jovial, the steak cheap and good, and the cabin small but comfy… for a night.