Black Recorder

Named after the electronic genre of `black midi’ where the point is to cram as many notes into a piece. This one averages 5 notes per second in each of the 12 parts. For sale on Tablatur.

Bach Chaconne

Probably my best arrangement. The famous violin chaconne for 12 recorders. There is a version in IMSLP, but you can buy an improved one on Tablatur.


Electronic music fans will get the reference to my favorite electronic duo. This piece needs 15 players SSSAAATTTBBBGGC. My version of IDM.


A nice and dark piece for 12 players SAATTBBBGGCC. Including some nifty passages for the two contras.


A soothing moonrise for 12 players SnSSAATTBBGGC. Sparse rhythmic accents make for a good ensemble exercise.

Gold und Silber

A classic waltz by Franz Lehar. I’ve added a some notes to make it more interesting. This arrangement only available to my Patreon supporters.


A Downtempo Droning piece in D. Ten players AATTTBBBGG with optional sub great.

Culture of Man

A very silly dance tune of unclear ethnic reference. Two sopranos sing over syncopated rhythmic backing of AATTBBGC.

Compositions for Recorder Orchestra

Here are my pieces for 10 or so voices and up, typically spanning sopranino through contra bass.