Solstice (winter)

A nice and chill piece for 4 basses.

Solstice (Summer)

A nice and chill piece for 4 altos.

East Texas Landscapes

Five movements for SATB depicting various scenes in East Texas. Everything from fast trains to painted churches in the Sunday sun.

Rocky Mountain Waltzes

Written for the Rocky Mountain chapter of the ARS. Various sections in 3: a slow English waltz, a jazz waltz, and a fast Tarantella. And lots of jazzy chords.

Rhythmic Studies

Exercises in rhythmic ensemble play. A single note per bar; no one ever playing the downbeat; pieces in 7 and 11. Fun! The first 4 movements are on IMSLP. The rest are for sale.


What to do when you play contra and you have soloistic tendencies? The contra solo is accompanied here by three altos.

Recorder Quartets

You’d think these is enough quartet music in the world. Sometimes I still write for it. Sometimes SATB, sometimes BBBB, or something weird like AAAContra. All these pieces are available to my Patreon supporters or for sale on Tablatur. See the Recorder Page