Ma Follia (I have a suspicion it should be "Mi Follia") is my take on the age-old La Follia ground bass. It's a simple theme, barely a melody, more just a bass line, on which hundreds of composers have written their variations. This came about as an entry in the KvR competitions where the assignment was nothing more than to write an instrumental track.

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I wrote a two minute version (the maximum length for competition entries) version of this in one monster session of about 10 hours. Because of the length limitation, every variation is basically only the first half, ending on the dominant. Later I fleshed out some of the variations a bit more. That led to the hocket passage, and the introduction of a jazz standard that is briefly quoted.

This is scored for two sopranos, 4 altos, 2 tenors, bass, great bass, and contra bass, with optional sopranino and gar klein. The score can be found on the Werner Icking archive.