I've been playing recorder for a long time. In recent years I've built up a collection that consists of a sopranino through tenor in tulipwood by Kueng, renaissance soprano, G alto, and tenor by Kobliczec, Moeck Ehlert modern soprano and alto, and a 415 alto by Michael Grinter. A plastic Yamaha bass dearly needs replacing. Now I think I have everything I need. No more recorders! Just that bass, maybe a greatbass, couple more renaissance instruments....Ah yes, and Paul Leenhouts played a wonderful Von Huene voice flute. Gotta have one of those too.....

On this page you find pieces I've written for recorder. Later I'll put up some performances where I play some of the normal recorder repertoire. You can find the score and parts of my compositions on the Icking Archive and saers.net.

Ma Follia

Pride of place among my recorder pieces is Ma Follia, a set of variations of the old La Follia theme.

The Courtly Suite

Some of these recorder compositions will ultimately form `The Courtly Suite'. As of now, that is

Contemporary stuff

The Follia variations and the Courtly Suite are consciously “neo-retro”. Some of what I write can be considered to be contemporary classical.


Sometimes I play on other people's work.