There is some amount of people watching to be done in Dubrovnik. There are some locals, but most of it is looking at how tourists behave.

But there are occasional gems. Such as this young lady, who tries to get people down an alley to eat at her restaurant. Elaine and I had a leisurely cheese platter (local stuff, excellent!) and beer, seeing her have absolutely no success. She seemed mostly to be dragged into other interactions, such as pointing out directions, or explaining the local cat life.

There are quite some concerts organized in Dubrovnik. I spotted a poster for a flute orchestra, so we went there. They billed themselves as “International Flute Choir”, but I got the impression they were all from the US of A. The director was a jovial fellow who gave a few words of explanation about the pieces (Ketelby’s Persian Market, a Spanish Dance by De Falla, and two original compositions), even having a small speech given in Croatian.

This kind of contrasted with the other concert we went to -- we overheard a lady talking about what sounded like a concert she was involved in, so we asked her -- of a choir from Bixnell University (also US of A), preceded by a short program by the Dubrovnik Chamber Choir. This latter choir was of a high level of holy-crapness. The Bixnell choir was nothing wrong with. Enjoyable, not transcendental like the locals. And the director pissed us off royally. He spoke fast -- too fast for a church with large reverberation time -- and completely in English without an acknowledgement that he was in a foreign country, with an audience for whom English would be largely a third or so language. Anyway; the kids were all right.