I once expressed a vague desire to my boss about doing something with the book I'd written and the fact that we have a collaboration with universities in the southern part of Africa, in particular South Africa. I wasn't really sure what I had in mind, but in 2015 my boss volunteered me to teach MPI at the university of Johannesburg. Since I'm also writing a book about MPI, I said "sure". The CHPC Winter School is a rotating event, held this year in Johannesburg, even though the major organizers are from Capetown.

The guest house I was staying in was in Melville, a suburb of Johannesburg. Just walking around.

I had enough time to fly to Nelspruit airport, just outside Kruger National Park and explore the park for 2 days. My little safari.

And of course I did my teaching at UJ.

PS South Africa has "Afrikaans" as one of the official languages. It looks just like Dutch!