I was staying in a guesthouse on 7th street in the suburb of Melville. It's a very pleasant looking place by day, though I didn't chance walking around on my own by night. I wouldn't have minded checking out some of the nightlife, but not getting mugged has a higher priority. Here is a picture taken from the Melville Koppies, a little nature reserve, overlooking Melville towards the center of Joburg.

The Koppies are footnoted by everyone as a nice place to walk, "but not on your own of course". Well, I was on my own and not failing very unsafe, so I ventured up the path anyway. My possible fears were also assuaged by a security guard down the hill.
IMG_3213Speaking of security guards, while Mellville looks pleasant enough (and on saturday morning there was barely anyone on the street to make me feel less than safe), just about all the houses are behind gates and fences, and you regularly see security guards, especially in the evening.

But the streets as such as charming, with some beautiful flowers.