One of the ways to get to Kruger National Park, other than 5 hours of driving, is taking a plane to Nelspruit, Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. (It's probably international because you can fly to Mozambique with a short hop.) Definitely the nicest looking terminal building I've seen in a long time.

I picked up a rental car and drove to the park. This was the first time in my life I've driven on the left side of the road. Since my hosts had already taken me out a couple of times I was getting used to seeing cars on my right, and making tight left and wide right turns.

After checking in at the Pretoriuskop camp, I went for a drive over some unpaved roads around the camps. I must say, nature looks quite a bit like the Texas hill country. Apart from the occasional elephant and zebra.IMG_3244IMG_3248

I went on a sunset drive, where we saw giraffes, elephants, a leopard, and a civet cat. The latter sighting seems to be quite rare. Unfortunately my iPhone is not the tool for photographing in the dark.

The next morning I went on a 6am hike. Our guides were suitably armed, since we could pass by really anything. In the end, the best sighting was a family of rhinos. They kept their distance, so I don't have a good picture.

However, as I checked out and drove out of the camp on a roundabout route (I had several hours before my flight), I spotted a rhino by the side of the road.

Other animals: various deer-like things, such as impalas, weird looking birds, ground squirels.