I was lucky enough to be invited to Shanghai Jiao Tong University to teach a short course. The Minhang campus is a good distance away from downtown (an hour by taxi or subway) and is quite pretty with lots of green.

Here's the garden of the university hotel.

I had some time to play the tourist. The downtown area is a strange mix of traditional Chinese architecture, early 20th century European, and brand-new shiny modern stuff. Here is the west shore of The Bundt, with lots of buildings dating to the 1920s and 30s.

The pedestrian street that takes you there is a shopping district with old and new styles.

And then you see the east shore, which is much more recent, and very expensive.

My host took me up in the Pearl Tower.

(did you spot the Apple store? One of three in Shanghai.)

More downtown, around People's Park, which covers the big subway / railway station:

The Yuyuan neighborhood with traditional architecture, and an ornamental garden.

The Xintiandi neighborhood has an architecture that is typically for late 19th century Shanghai. Now the buildings are all converted to fancy retail and restaurants.

Hangzhou, the garden city known for its beautiful lake.

Public transportation.

Gratuitous shots of Chinese food….