Tugboat writing

Between 1990 and 2010 I was a contributing editor (bbeeton was the main editor) of Tugboat, the TeX users group journal. Here are some of my favourite writings.

The Computer Science of TeX and LaTeX

In 2004 I taught a computer science topics course at the University of Tennessee based on topics in TeX and LaTeX. Here are the lecture notes, printed or freely downloadable.

TeX activities

Before TeX by Topic I was active in the Dutch TeX Users Group: NTG. This resulted in the "ntg styles" which these days are part of most TeX distributions.

Probably my most popular macros for LaTeX is a "comment.sty", which allows you to selectively include and exclude chunks of text. I use it for fancy stuff, such as writing exercises from my books to file, so that they can be reused for exams.

In the early 2000s I taught a course of topics in computer science, using TeX / LaTeX to motivate chapters on dynamic programming, NP-completeness, character encoding, and more.