The Courtly Suite (2008-2018)

The Courtly Suite

This suite has a long history. My friend Ed Kliman once suggested a collaboration for some theatre piece, where each character had a theme. The collaboration never happened, but over the next 10 years I wrote 10 movements, for recorder in various combinations.

  1. Fredo’s Chancon - Alto and continuo
  2. Autumn’s Allemande - C recorder and continuo
  3. The Queen’s Minuet - Alto and continuo
  4. Guarding the Cannon - Alto and Tenor with ostinato bass
  5. The Royal Twins - Two sopranos and continuo
  6. The Visitor from Afar - Pentatonic instrument and 2 basses or continuo
  7. The Cook’s Estampie - Alto solo or with continuo
  8. Lola sing Lala - Voice and alto and continuo
  9. The Last Pavane - C recorder and continuo
  10. Piper on the Ramparts at Dawn - Alto solo, or with continuo

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