Welcome to my home page. You’ll find my music stuff here, including my recorder compositions, as well as TeX activities. Use the navigation bar at the top.

I also have a work page that is totally separate.

(image from http://www.garfieldminusgarfield.net, original art by Jim Davis)

Quick guide to my recorder work

I have been writing recorder music since 2006, mainly targeting larger ensembles, and mostly using a modern-ish idiom. Most of this website is devoted to this music. Click around in the navigation bar for my compositions and arrangements or start here for an overview.

Where to find me

Some of my compositions are for free on IMSLP, others are for sale on Score Exchange and Sheet Music Plus. You can also sign up for my Patreon channel, and get all my compositions and exclusive arrangements. Some compositions also have —hilariously unrelated — videos, which you can view on Vimeo.

If you download any of my music for free, why not buy me a coffee?