I've been playing recorder for a long time. In recent years I've built up a collection that consists of a sopranino through tenor in tulipwood by Kueng, renaissance soprano, G alto, and tenor by Kobliczec, Moeck Ehlert modern soprano and alto, and a 415 alto by Michael Grinter. A plastic Yamaha bass dearly needs replacing. Now I think I have everything I need. No more recorders! Just that bass, maybe a greatbass, couple more renaissance instruments....Ah yes, and Paul Leenhouts played a wonderful Von Huene voice flute. Gotta have one of those too.....

The ultimate reference to all my work is my page on IMSLP. You'll find tons of original compositions and arrangements there.

Here are a couple of videos I made of compositions and arrangements.

My Ladey Carey's Dompe from Oakensong on Vimeo.

Chaconne from Oakensong on Vimeo.

Scherzo for Four Recorder Quartets from Oakensong on Vimeo.

Deelish from Oakensong on Vimeo.