Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

This piece for SSSAATTBG was written to inaugurate my Great Bass recorder in C, my first instrument outside of the normal SATB quartet. (I’ve since acquired a Contra Bass in F too. Does anyone have a SubGreat for sale at a reasonable price?)

Considering its purpose, it’s no more than natural that this piece strongly features the C bass. In fact, it’s a pretty virtuosic part, where other voices riff over (the AATTB parts), or play static chords (three Sopranos). In fact, this piece barely gives you time to breath, so it’s a good idea to have at least two C basses, alternating and/or overlapping.

Final remark: the time signature of this is 14/16, counted as 4+3+3+4. So that’s two sevens with different divisions. This is a riff off the middle eastern 3+2+2+3 Samai rhythm.

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