Complechtre (2018)


Fans of electronic music will recognize in the second and third syllable of this title the name of a groundbreaking electronic duo, of which I am a great fan. And whose sonorities have inspired me in this piece. So the question is, can you make a recorder ensemble sound like a piece of IBM / Blip-hop?

In this piece for 15 recorders (SSSAAATTTBBBGGC) the mid and low voices play slow alternating chords, over which the higher (and sometimes deeper) voices play various riffs. The whole composition is texturally based: there are no recognizable themes or motifs. The overwhelming mood is dark and the tempo feels glacial despite various fast interjections.

The orchestration here is interesting in that the 15 voices often behave like a quintet of composite instruments. All three sopranos, for instance, will play against the trio of altos, with each trio in the same rhythm, or closely related.

Running time about 6 minutes.

This piece was originally offered to my Patreon supporters and is now for sale at Score Exchange..