Compositions for Recorder Orchestra

Here are my pieces for 10 or so voices and up, typically spanning sopranino through contra bass.


I love to write for large groups for the flexibility it gives me. Much of my writing emphasizes the lower instruments.

Black Recorder

Modern but tonal, very fast piece, for 12 recorders.

Bubble Machine

To showcase your Great Bass! 9 parts total, with lots of activity in the other low voices.


A dark and mysterious piece for 12 recorders.


A modern piece for 15 recorders.

Culture of Man

A fun dance piece for 9 recorders.


A downtempo piece for 10 recorders.


A looping-sounding piece for 6 recorders.


Restful beats for 7 recorders, tenor and down.

Missouri-Pacific 587

A very non-tonal, very rhythmic, piece for 23 recorders.

Modest Mambo

Little bit of Latin, for 13 recorders.


Quasi-renaissance ground bass variations for 8 recorders.


My own Passacaglia in Cmin, for 6 recorders.

Prairie Moon

Concertante piece for solo recorder and 8 voice ensemble. Also in strings version.

Singularity (expanding)

With 13 recorders you can do a lot of building up.


A modern piece for 12 recorders.


I love to arrange for large groups. The resuling tone colors can be quite surprising and, frankly, gorgeous.

Bach - Chaconne

The famous violin Chaconne, arranged for 12 recorders.

Lehar - Gold und Silber

One of the best waltzes from old Vienna, for 10 recorders.

Alle die willen te kaap’ren varen

A Dutch sea shanty arranged for 12 recorders. Or maybe rather: a composition based on that traditional song.

John come kiss me now

A renaissance ground bass for SATB and (optional) low quartet.

Lady Carey’s Dompe

A renaissance keyboard piece, arranged for 8 recorders.

Hensel - Pastorella

A piano miniature by Fanny Hensel, arranged for 8 recorders.

Ravel - Pavane

A romantic piano piece, gorgeously arranged for 9 recorders.

Marais - Sonnerie

The famous violin/viol piece arranged for 12 recorders.

Rachmaninoff - Vocalise

The famous violin/piano duet arranged for 9 recorders.

MacDowell - Water Lily

Not as famous as his “Wild Rose” but equally gorgeous, for 11 recorders.

Wiggins - Water in the Moonlight

A romantic piano piece by Thomas “Blind Tom” Wiggins, arranged for 8 recorders.