My Climate Actions

Beyond Burger

Even if you don’t care what happens to a cow, you have to worry that “growing” a pound of beef takes tens of pounds of corn, and many gallons of water. In other words: cows==bad. Good thing that there are plant-based burgers that taste as good as the “real” thing. Replacin g your beef with this reduces emissions by 96 percent, see links below.

So what are the possible arguments against it? Some people say “there is a lot of salt in it”. That’s kinda true, but it’s only an argument if you don’t put salt on your regular burger patty. So I only put some pepper on my Beyond Burger, and the result is extremely tasty.

No more cows will be harmed in my household.

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Flax milk

Cows are really bad for the climate, so let’s ditch the cow milk. Some people go for oat milk, but I’ve settled on flax milk. It has a slightly more pronounced flavor than oat milk, but it really doesn’t matter to me, as long as it’s a plant-based milk, not animal-based. Oh, and almond milk is almost as bad as cow milk, so forget about that too.

Cut down on car use

I can easily bike to work in less than 20 minutes. On my Dutch Gazelle electric bike.

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Vegan ice cream

Damn if Van Leeuwen isn’t the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Truly good stuff. Who needs cows?

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No more funding fossil fuels

Chase bank is one of the worst in funding the fossil fuel industry. I cut up my Southwest Visa, even though I still like Southwest airlines. My principles count for more than my rewards miles.

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